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second Mary Jane novel

I just finished the second Mary Jane novel and found it quite enjoyable.

The author, Judith O'Brien, who writes for 'young adults', captures the feel of high school and the humour that is a staple of Spider-man comics. There are also some very nice illustrations by Mike Mayhew to begin each chapter.

As the title denotes, the main character is Mary Jane and, although it's "inspired by" the characters from Ultimate Spider-man, there are differences...Gwen Stacy is a 'nerdy' brunnette...Mary Jane's parents are separated and her mom's dating...Mary Jane doesn't know Peter's 'secret'...

The focus of the novel isn't on fight scenes, but on the everyday life of Mary Jane and her highschool friends, who happen to live in a world where there's a masked man in a spider costume fighting crime.

For those who prefer a similar theme in a 'sequential art' format, I recommend the Mary Jane comic. I'm far from the target audience, and I found the first issue to be a fun read. I just hope it can find an audience...and is allowed time to do so.
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