purplepants113 (purplepants113) wrote in comics_n_more,

brief Catwoman review

I went and saw 'Catwoman' with my sister(it was the price I had to pay for 'dragging' her to see Spidey II) and I must say it wasn't as bad as I expected. It had nothing to do with the character from the comic, but it was a nice, campy action movie.

The origin scene was reminiscent of the one Michelle Pfeiffer had and the idea that, at first, she didn't 'consciously' know she was Catwoman, out on the prowl, reminded me of another DC character: the pre-Crisis Cheetah from Wonder Woman. It might have been interesting if they had gone with this idea...Catwoman by night...only vague memories of what happened when she woke up the next day...

All in all, not a great movie...don't pay full price to see it...but not the worst comic book movie I've seen(ahem! Dolf Lungren as Punisher...F.F. movie from the '70s...ugh!).
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