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poll: best and worst casting in comic book movie

Just throwing this out to anyone who has an opinion(I know there must be one or two of you).

Do you think that someone else cast as Catwoman could have improved the movie? Ashley Judd? Catherine Zeta Jones?

Jennifer Garner as Elektra? Good casting or 'hot actor' cast for recognition factor? Is she a better Elektra than Affleck was as D.D.?

I have a problem with Jessica Alba as the Invisible Girl/Woman. Unless the actor who plays the Human Torch has an olive complexion, it won't be believable that they're siblings. He'll also have to be a teenager to look like her younger brother.

Keanu Reeves as Constantine? Whoa! I guess we should be lucky he wasn't cast as Superman.

Both 'X-Men' movies and 'Spider-man' movies have done well at the box office. Are there casting changes that would have made them better(other than a different Mary Jane, Rob :))?

Is it better to cast someone who has the 'look' of the character or the skill to make the character three-dimensional?

What casting ideas have made you shake your head or nod in agreement?
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