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the reviews: chapter 2

Welcome to chapter 2 of my reviews...brought to you by 'Fishing for Feedback'**. Whenever there's a sense that the site is a ghost town...whenever I get tired of watching the tumbleweeds blow through...that's the time for 'Fishing for Feedback'.

Swamp Thing #6(DC)--the final chapter of the first story arc finds Swamp Thing reunited with the soul of Alec Holland, contemplating the fate of his daughter, Tefe. After resurrecting his daughter, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop Sargon the Sorcerer from usurping his powers...and goes back to the beginning. While not an amazing start to the new series, it has me curious about where things are going from here...this series could grow on me :).

The Monolith #7(DC)--this is a DCU series that could easily fit under the Vertigo label. It's a fairly original idea for a series(a Golem as a 'super hero'), the supporting cast is interesting, the writing is good and Phil Winslade(the regular artist) delivers gorgeous art. I have a feeling that this series is below everyone's radar, which is a shame because it may become another great series that no one found out about until it was too late.

DC: The New Frontier #5(DC, duh!)--another amazing over-sized issue of Darwyn Cooke's retelling of the Silver Age from Hal Jordan's perspective. Even if you're not a fan of Jordan, this series has enough cameos by other front line and fringe heroes and supporting casts to interest most DC fans. The writing is great...each character has depth...I love his art style...and even though it's easily 50% more pages than a regular comic, I find myself zipping through it, anticipating the next issue. Well worth the two month wait between issues...only one more issue to go...and for the big finale, could it be the formation of the JLA?

Fables #28(DC)--a WW II story of Bigby Wolf, leading 'Dog Company'(seriously) behind enemy lines to stop the Nazi's secret weapon. A nice change of pace after the last arc...leading to a battle next issue worthy of Universal Pictures.

Alpha Flight #6(Marvel)--a series that doesn't take itself too seriously...but it's not done to the extreme. The first arc is over...reminiscent of the theme from G.S. X-Men #1, with a Canadian flavour...after the new group rescues the 'originals', they discuss the morality of destroying the eggs of a genocidal race...and decide that 'nurture' will win out over 'nature'. Looking forward to next couple of issues...an actual Canadian(Dave Ross) will be the interior artist...and he gets to draw a large percentage of the Marvel Universe! Downside is the horrible cover art...blech! Skottie Young!

Incredible Hulk #75(Marvel)--a fairly good 75th issue...prefer the less 'over-pumped and small-headed' version of the Hulk...finally getting clues to the 'big brain' behind the conspiracy that's been going on since Bruce Jones became writer...more mind games...first time in a while I'm anticipating the next issue...if I wasn't a big Hulk fan, I would have gone long ago.

JSA #64(DC)--the return of a lost member of the team...as well as an old look for a former member...nice interlude with Power Girl...when are they doing that 'origin' story they promised? Still one of the team missing...the father must rescue the son...have confidence that it will be well done...JSA rarely disappoints.

Spy Boy: Final Exam #3(Darkhorse)--although there's the normal blend of silliness, deadpan humour and action that comes with this series, this issue wasn't up to par. Alex/Spy Boy as a terrorist...student who holds a grudge because he lost a brother to 9/11...reality cuts the flow and my enjoyment of this issue...hope the wrap-up issue finishes with a bang(so to speak)!

**'Fishing for Feedback' is a solo enterprise promoting dialogue on the Comics and More blog and a subsidiary of 'Lots of Time On My Hands, Inc.'.
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