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Space..the lack of imagination station

Some of you out there may have seen me on Hypa-Space back in June.The remote comics of the week feature that Hypa-space does each week, was broadcast from Comics & More the week of June 23rd, as part of our in-store appearance by Brian Azzarello, and Jill Thompson.Some of you may have seen an interview of Brian show up last week as part of a promotion for the Toronto Comic Expo,and been confused when the piece was introduced by the owner of a comic book store that was definitely not ME.Needless to say I was more than a little pissed off.I'd like to thank Mr.Askwith for the great injustice of cutting me out of my own bloody event.

Thanks Mark, for continuing to advance the growth of the comic industry in Toronto, by refusing to showcase any more than the 3 stores that are closest to your own headquarters.
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