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Harlequin’s Song #1

LG Idea proudly announces the release of Harlequin’s Song, the first of a series of graphic novels by Logan Grendel. In this “photo/graphic” novel, the still images were shot on location in NYC, then digitally amplified to achieve a unique visual synthesis of live-action texture and comic feel.

The story takes place during autumn of 2019 in New York City, after world events have lead to the near total collapse of the American empire. The outer boroughs have been all but completely abandoned by law and government, and huge sections of Manhattan Island itself suffer under similar conditions. Gangs run rampant, and those unlucky enough to still live in the city are beset by violence, starvation and tragedy.

A group of heroes has appeared, each with an ability to help them turn the tide of lawlessness and fear. The newest of their number has just discovered that she is one of them, and we follow her story as she learns about her new allies and their evil counterparts..

The First Edition is now available for purchase via Paypal at our website – Log on to see images from the book and find out more information. You can also find info and images from Harlequin’s Song on at

$25.95 - 78 pages, 8.5x11 softcover. Recommended for Mature Audiences.

Harlequin’s Song #1
LG Idea/Niesha Studio
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