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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
9:53 am
X-Men and Superman essay anthologies
"Hey guys-- I just wanted to recommend two titles the small press I work for has published that are now available. They're titled ""The Unauthorized X-Men"" and ""The Man From Krypton"", and both are collections of scholarly (and humorous!) essays on the X-Men and Superman respectively. You can read full-essay pdf previews here:
and here:

Thanks for letting me intrude and hope you enjoy!
Monday, June 26th, 2006
12:21 am
You might like this...
Harlequin’s Song #1

LG Idea proudly announces the release of Harlequin’s Song, the first of a series of graphic novels by Logan Grendel. In this “photo/graphic” novel, the still images were shot on location in NYC, then digitally amplified to achieve a unique visual synthesis of live-action texture and comic feel.

The story takes place during autumn of 2019 in New York City, after world events have lead to the near total collapse of the American empire. The outer boroughs have been all but completely abandoned by law and government, and huge sections of Manhattan Island itself suffer under similar conditions. Gangs run rampant, and those unlucky enough to still live in the city are beset by violence, starvation and tragedy.

A group of heroes has appeared, each with an ability to help them turn the tide of lawlessness and fear. The newest of their number has just discovered that she is one of them, and we follow her story as she learns about her new allies and their evil counterparts..

The First Edition is now available for purchase via Paypal at our website –
www.harlequinssong.com. Log on to see images from the book and find out more information. You can also find info and images from Harlequin’s Song on myspace.com at www.myspace.com/harlequinssong.

$25.95 - 78 pages, 8.5x11 softcover. Recommended for Mature Audiences.

Harlequin’s Song #1
LG Idea/Niesha Studio

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
1:42 am
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
10:03 pm
Buying comics and helping hurricane victims
There is some really sweet stuff up for bid on this site, and the best part? All the money goes to helping Katrina vicitims. I highly recommend bidding on the mini copy of Hulk: Smash, but that is just me
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
11:07 pm
Could someone make some Case Closed lj icons? I would be much obliged. Thanks a bunch. :P
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
5:49 pm
long time no use
Can't believe how long its been since I logged anything on here. Hard enough to keep up with work on the store website.I always figured it would mostly end up as replies to others entries.
9:38 am
who reads Aspen comics?
does anyone here read Fathom? If so tell what you think. I persoanlly like the series because i love the fantasy stuff.
Monday, October 11th, 2004
1:46 am
R.I.P. Christopher Reeve
Superman is dead. I mourn.
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
6:11 pm
Space..the lack of imagination station
Some of you out there may have seen me on Hypa-Space back in June.The remote comics of the week feature that Hypa-space does each week, was broadcast from Comics & More the week of June 23rd, as part of our in-store appearance by Brian Azzarello, and Jill Thompson.Some of you may have seen an interview of Brian show up last week as part of a promotion for the Toronto Comic Expo,and been confused when the piece was introduced by the owner of a comic book store that was definitely not ME.Needless to say I was more than a little pissed off.I'd like to thank Mr.Askwith for the great injustice of cutting me out of my own bloody event.

Thanks Mark, for continuing to advance the growth of the comic industry in Toronto, by refusing to showcase any more than the 3 stores that are closest to your own headquarters.

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
7:35 pm
the reviews: chapter 2
Welcome to chapter 2 of my reviews...brought to you by 'Fishing for Feedback'**. Whenever there's a sense that the site is a ghost town...whenever I get tired of watching the tumbleweeds blow through...that's the time for 'Fishing for Feedback'.

Swamp Thing #6(DC)--the final chapter of the first story arc finds Swamp Thing reunited with the soul of Alec Holland, contemplating the fate of his daughter, Tefe. After resurrecting his daughter, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop Sargon the Sorcerer from usurping his powers...and goes back to the beginning. While not an amazing start to the new series, it has me curious about where things are going from here...this series could grow on me :).

The Monolith #7(DC)--this is a DCU series that could easily fit under the Vertigo label. It's a fairly original idea for a series(a Golem as a 'super hero'), the supporting cast is interesting, the writing is good and Phil Winslade(the regular artist) delivers gorgeous art. I have a feeling that this series is below everyone's radar, which is a shame because it may become another great series that no one found out about until it was too late.

DC: The New Frontier #5(DC, duh!)--another amazing over-sized issue of Darwyn Cooke's retelling of the Silver Age from Hal Jordan's perspective. Even if you're not a fan of Jordan, this series has enough cameos by other front line and fringe heroes and supporting casts to interest most DC fans. The writing is great...each character has depth...I love his art style...and even though it's easily 50% more pages than a regular comic, I find myself zipping through it, anticipating the next issue. Well worth the two month wait between issues...only one more issue to go...and for the big finale, could it be the formation of the JLA?

Fables #28(DC)--a WW II story of Bigby Wolf, leading 'Dog Company'(seriously) behind enemy lines to stop the Nazi's secret weapon. A nice change of pace after the last arc...leading to a battle next issue worthy of Universal Pictures.

Alpha Flight #6(Marvel)--a series that doesn't take itself too seriously...but it's not done to the extreme. The first arc is over...reminiscent of the theme from G.S. X-Men #1, with a Canadian flavour...after the new group rescues the 'originals', they discuss the morality of destroying the eggs of a genocidal race...and decide that 'nurture' will win out over 'nature'. Looking forward to next couple of issues...an actual Canadian(Dave Ross) will be the interior artist...and he gets to draw a large percentage of the Marvel Universe! Downside is the horrible cover art...blech! Skottie Young!

Incredible Hulk #75(Marvel)--a fairly good 75th issue...prefer the less 'over-pumped and small-headed' version of the Hulk...finally getting clues to the 'big brain' behind the conspiracy that's been going on since Bruce Jones became writer...more mind games...first time in a while I'm anticipating the next issue...if I wasn't a big Hulk fan, I would have gone long ago.

JSA #64(DC)--the return of a lost member of the team...as well as an old look for a former member...nice interlude with Power Girl...when are they doing that 'origin' story they promised? Still one of the team missing...the father must rescue the son...have confidence that it will be well done...JSA rarely disappoints.

Spy Boy: Final Exam #3(Darkhorse)--although there's the normal blend of silliness, deadpan humour and action that comes with this series, this issue wasn't up to par. Alex/Spy Boy as a terrorist...student who holds a grudge because he lost a brother to 9/11...reality cuts the flow and my enjoyment of this issue...hope the wrap-up issue finishes with a bang(so to speak)!

**'Fishing for Feedback' is a solo enterprise promoting dialogue on the Comics and More blog and a subsidiary of 'Lots of Time On My Hands, Inc.'.

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
8:25 pm
fishing for feedback II: the reviews
Okay, I've got a lot of reviews to do, so I'm going to try to keep it brief, so that this post doesn't need to be split into chapters. :)

Elvira #136(Claypool Comics)--an indy success story...a monthly series that has been published(without missing a month!)for over ten years...this series has Elvira(who you can find out more about in the 'news' section at the back of the comic)satirizing and skewering pop culture, television, movies with a blend of sight gags, wacky magic spells and supernatural creatures, puns and humour both witty and silly. This issue the targets are t.v. station pledge drives and "Junk Yard Challenge". The humour in the series is a nice escape from 'serious' comics and comics that take themselves too seriously.

Deadbeats #66 is also from Claypool Comics and it's a blend of gothic vampire soap opera(like Dark Shadows) with more adult situations and scenes. It's an enjoyable read that will certainly build your vocabulary :)...and unlike many comics, it will take you a bit longer to go through. As a bonus, not only does it have a letter's page(as does Elvira), but there is also a text recap of what has gone before so new readers can get up to speed and figure out what's going on.

Batman, the 12c Adventure(DC)--a lead-in to the War Games cross-over coming up in all the Batman books...I dislike these cross-overs, but at least this comic serves to identify the 'players' as well as following up events from this month's Catwoman...told from the perspective of Spoiler, formerly the 'new' Robin, she watches a gathering of all the crime bosses in Gotham, along with their bodyguards, while going over events that led her to be 'fired' as Robin...as well as letting all her insecurities show...

Mary Jane #2(Marvel)--I had high hopes for this series...the first issue really grabbed me...this one wasn't as good...maybe I just can't relate to having to work to pay for a homecoming dress...at least the story ends on an upbeat...

Justice League Adventures #34(DC)--the Big Three(Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) are highlighted in this issue...a plot by a 'future Lex' to rid himself of them using W.W. as a focus of a magic spell to drain their life energies...nice ending where we see the difference in outlook that Superman and Batman have on life and the past.

Amazing Spider-man #510(Marvel)--the plot thickens as we learn more about who the two characters are who ambushed Peter at the cemetery...a brother and sister who have reason to hate both Peter and Spider-man...who they also have ties to...ending is not that big a surprise...still has me anticipating next issue...

Fantastic Four #516(Marvel)--so-so conclusion to the Frightful Four storyline...should have been better, somehow...last couple issue were good...this one seemed to run out of gas...

Amazing Fantasy #2(Marvel)--I was dubious about whether this series would hold my interest over Mary Jane...it's got my attention, now...a mysterious character from a mysterious organization uses magic to save her life...potential 'powers' to be used to pay the life-debt...interesting!

New X-Men: Academy X(Marvel)--hate that title includes X-men...prefer it to be only Academy X...the young mutants are put in teams to practice working together and against each other...grudge match between the teams...'good' team of characters we know are unsure...'bad' team does whatever is necessary to complete the goal...makes me nostalgic for early days of New Mutants in early '80s...enjoyable read...

Batman Adventures #16(DC)--the long-awaited wedding of Joker and Harley Quinn!! Actually, it's a scheme to marry each other...but who's being conned? Fun read...even if it's the end of the Harley/Ivy team...what's wrong with Ivy that she needs help from Alec Holland? I'm going to miss this series...new Batman series doesn't look that good...chins are wrong...Joker...ugh!

Wonder Woman #206(DC)--as W.W. search for a way to help Vanessa, a new foe petrifies a cardinal! There's trouble and plot on Mt. Olympus, alliances are made and an old foe(who's destined to never prosper:)) makes her presence felt. The mix of earthly concerns and godly ones makes W.W. a good read...the reactions of regular people to some of W.W. embassy staff is good for a chuckle...

The Witching #2(DC)--still haven't totally warmed to this series but this issue was better than the first...more exposition helps...Elsa past lovers are a blast...can't wait for 'the three' to finally meet...could be an interesting clash of backgrounds...

Catwoman #33(DC)--Catwoman lays down the law...with the help of some victims of East End violence...makes an 'example' of a Mob lieutenant...issues a challenge to his boss...and ensures a rematch with Zeiss...Catwoman will be part of big Batman cross-over...not happy about it...not buying any other parts of cross-over...hope writer, Brubaker, doesn't disappoint me by making it too tied in to other books...

(chapter 2 tomorrow :))
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
7:24 pm
fishing for feedback
Still a bit quiet on the site, so it's time for questions and opinions.

What indy comic is the best? Marvel comic? DC comic? Image comic? Darkhorse comic?

Which new series(within the last year) is the best? Which one has the best chance of lasting?

Which upcoming series are you most looking forward to?

Which writer will you follow, no matter what he/she works on? Which artist?

Which is the best team(writer and artist) working on a comic right now? Which aspect is most important, the writing or the art?

What creators would you like to meet/have dinner with?

How long does it take to 'try-out' a series before you know it's a 'keeper'? Does it depend on the creative team?

What comic-related movie are you most looking forward to?

Who's going to the big comic con at the Metro Convention Centre in two weeks?

Current Mood: curious
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
8:55 pm
poll: best and worst casting in comic book movie
Just throwing this out to anyone who has an opinion(I know there must be one or two of you).

Do you think that someone else cast as Catwoman could have improved the movie? Ashley Judd? Catherine Zeta Jones?

Jennifer Garner as Elektra? Good casting or 'hot actor' cast for recognition factor? Is she a better Elektra than Affleck was as D.D.?

I have a problem with Jessica Alba as the Invisible Girl/Woman. Unless the actor who plays the Human Torch has an olive complexion, it won't be believable that they're siblings. He'll also have to be a teenager to look like her younger brother.

Keanu Reeves as Constantine? Whoa! I guess we should be lucky he wasn't cast as Superman.

Both 'X-Men' movies and 'Spider-man' movies have done well at the box office. Are there casting changes that would have made them better(other than a different Mary Jane, Rob :))?

Is it better to cast someone who has the 'look' of the character or the skill to make the character three-dimensional?

What casting ideas have made you shake your head or nod in agreement?

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
7:12 pm
brief Catwoman review
I went and saw 'Catwoman' with my sister(it was the price I had to pay for 'dragging' her to see Spidey II) and I must say it wasn't as bad as I expected. It had nothing to do with the character from the comic, but it was a nice, campy action movie.

The origin scene was reminiscent of the one Michelle Pfeiffer had and the idea that, at first, she didn't 'consciously' know she was Catwoman, out on the prowl, reminded me of another DC character: the pre-Crisis Cheetah from Wonder Woman. It might have been interesting if they had gone with this idea...Catwoman by night...only vague memories of what happened when she woke up the next day...

All in all, not a great movie...don't pay full price to see it...but not the worst comic book movie I've seen(ahem! Dolf Lungren as Punisher...F.F. movie from the '70s...ugh!).
Monday, July 26th, 2004
12:42 pm
Busy Month
Wow, it seems like forever since I last posted anything here. It's been a busy month in the store however.From the con in late June, we went right into the store appearance, followed by the Spidy 2 midnight event, and finally free comic day.I was so wiped from all the activity in the store I ended up sick as hell for a week. Still,it's nice to be deathly ill once in a while so I can have 3-4 days in a row off.The good news is, there's 3 weeks to get ready for the August convention.
Holidays are a dirty word to the self-employed.
Friday, July 9th, 2004
10:10 pm
second Mary Jane novel
I just finished the second Mary Jane novel and found it quite enjoyable.

The author, Judith O'Brien, who writes for 'young adults', captures the feel of high school and the humour that is a staple of Spider-man comics. There are also some very nice illustrations by Mike Mayhew to begin each chapter.

As the title denotes, the main character is Mary Jane and, although it's "inspired by" the characters from Ultimate Spider-man, there are differences...Gwen Stacy is a 'nerdy' brunnette...Mary Jane's parents are separated and her mom's dating...Mary Jane doesn't know Peter's 'secret'...

The focus of the novel isn't on fight scenes, but on the everyday life of Mary Jane and her highschool friends, who happen to live in a world where there's a masked man in a spider costume fighting crime.

For those who prefer a similar theme in a 'sequential art' format, I recommend the Mary Jane comic. I'm far from the target audience, and I found the first issue to be a fun read. I just hope it can find an audience...and is allowed time to do so.

Current Mood: impressed
Monday, July 5th, 2004
9:11 am
How much have you spent on Comics in one day?

my grand total is $47 and some change.

I'm not bragging, i'm sure i'm going to get blown out of the water with some people's replies, but yeah i'm just curious.
Sunday, July 4th, 2004
5:38 pm
Free Comic Day
Well, Free comic day has come and gone.I'd like to say it went off without a hitch, but the truth is we could have handled it better.All of the flyers and ads had the starting time as 12:00 noon, but nowhere on the website was this stated. Anyone checking the website saw our regular business hours starting at 11:00 on Saturday.Needless to say, we had a crowd gathered by 11, many of them annoyed, and or angry, that we would not be giving away any comics for another hour.Once things were up and running, it was pretty cool though.We saw hundreds of people come through the doors in the first few hours,and steady traffic for the rest of the day. Our main focus this year was on the kids, so most of the comics we stocked up on were Archie and Disney.Also hugely popular were, Duelmasters, Teen Titans, and Spiderman.
Danny and Glenn did a first rate job of entertaining a steady crowd of kids, while introducing them to the fun of Heroclix.
All-in-all a satisfying day in the store.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
2:47 pm
Attention all DC comics Fans . . .

If you're interested in fiction about the DC comics, please join asylum_foraloon. It's a new community, but it's sure to be exciting and popular if you get enough people to join.

X-posted like your mama's midi-chlorians!!!

Note: The mod of this community is extremely knowledgable in all things Batman, if you want to discuss some really kickass Batman shite, then unite on this community!!
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
1:19 am
Does anybody know where I could possibly find any Spiderman/Spiderman 2 icons? Or does anybody have any, or are you willing to make me any? I'm not picky att all. :)
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