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Free Comic Day

Well, Free comic day has come and gone.I'd like to say it went off without a hitch, but the truth is we could have handled it better.All of the flyers and ads had the starting time as 12:00 noon, but nowhere on the website was this stated. Anyone checking the website saw our regular business hours starting at 11:00 on Saturday.Needless to say, we had a crowd gathered by 11, many of them annoyed, and or angry, that we would not be giving away any comics for another hour.Once things were up and running, it was pretty cool though.We saw hundreds of people come through the doors in the first few hours,and steady traffic for the rest of the day. Our main focus this year was on the kids, so most of the comics we stocked up on were Archie and Disney.Also hugely popular were, Duelmasters, Teen Titans, and Spiderman.
Danny and Glenn did a first rate job of entertaining a steady crowd of kids, while introducing them to the fun of Heroclix.
All-in-all a satisfying day in the store.
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