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fishing for feedback

Still a bit quiet on the site, so it's time for questions and opinions.

What indy comic is the best? Marvel comic? DC comic? Image comic? Darkhorse comic?

Which new series(within the last year) is the best? Which one has the best chance of lasting?

Which upcoming series are you most looking forward to?

Which writer will you follow, no matter what he/she works on? Which artist?

Which is the best team(writer and artist) working on a comic right now? Which aspect is most important, the writing or the art?

What creators would you like to meet/have dinner with?

How long does it take to 'try-out' a series before you know it's a 'keeper'? Does it depend on the creative team?

What comic-related movie are you most looking forward to?

Who's going to the big comic con at the Metro Convention Centre in two weeks?
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